IEEE 802.11ac specification and Market trends

IEEE 802.11ac Specification and Standards for High Speed wireless

Wifi Alliance

IEEE 802.11ac Task group is in development of Higher throughput rates on 5Ghz band than what now 802.11n achieves now. This is currently under Draft 3.0 [As of First week of August 2012] and expected to matured and ratified out by this year end and would become a common standard somewhere around 2016.

This under development standard is going to deliver improved power consumption, 1Gbps WLAN throughput, 8xMIMO, Multiuser MIMO, Extended range, upto 160 MHz RF bandwidth etc. These feature will help users who play games and stream videos a lot.  Being it can transfer data quickly, it can relatively consume batteries of the end customer devices such as mobile.

IEEE 802.11ac is dubbed as 5G Wi-Fi

How it differ from current N standard

The current n standard supports upto 450 mbps theoretically with three antennas. (3 antenna x 150 mbps per antenna) + MIMO = 450 mbps total BW. Three times faster is 802.11ac, 1.3 Gbps. Don’t calculate in the same way we calculated for N standard, just because ac standard is going to employ 8xMIMO. If you ask question about its ability to provide more than gigabit speed, I would say you read the word “theoretically” loud. Current n gives practically about 160 mbps under optimal environments. ac standard may give upto 800 mbps, which is still far more blazingly faster than current 160 mbps speed. Netgear Whitepaper says we can say Bye bye to buffering, but again it depends on various factors. ac standard basically build upon the directional technology, called as beamforming. So there is less chance of worrying about interference.



Cisco has proven that they are not only leaders in Networking space but also one of the Industry’s key innovators by announcing a new 802.11ac Wi-Fi router and bridge product.

Cisco Linksys EA6500 Smart Wifi router, a dual band wifi router which supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac which speeds upto 1300 Mbps. It comes with CCC (Cisco Connect Cloud), a Remote administration portal on cloud. Anyway we already knows about CCC from routers EA2700, EA3500 and EA4500, which downloaded updates without permission and stripped our admin interfaces and forced to register at cloud. Two USB Ports are there in this wifi router for generally connecting to storage, printers. The another bridge device cisco unveiled is WUMC710, Linksys Universal Media Connector.


Not only Cisco, but Apple also a key adaptors in this space. They have plans to ship the new MacBooks, iDevices such as iPad, iPhone, Airports, Apple TV, Time capsules.


TEW-811DR – 1300 Mbps Dual Band Wireless AC Router

TEW-800MB – 1300 Mbps Dual Band Wireless AC Media Bridge.


Netgear R6300 – 802.11ac Wi-Fi router – Netgear Claims this is the world’s fastest Wi-Fi router as of now, with ultimate range. It comes with Netgear Genie app to monitor and control your network. DLNA enabled, ReadySHARE with 2 USB ports, Guest network, Parental control and more security features.


RT-AC66U Dual-Band Router with ASUSWRT, 3G, FTP, DLNA, Print server debuts 802.11ac arena. Before that Asus introduced a gaming series laptop ASUS ROG G74VW which cherish both 2.4Ghz and 5 Ghz radio.


Buffalo Technology introduced AirStation™ WZR-D1800H wireless router and WLI-H4-D1300 media bridge based on Broadcom WiFi chips.

WLI-H4-D1300 –



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